Application Process

  1. Submit application by mail.
  2. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent upon receiving application.
  3. The Wheeler Foundation Board meets quarterly to consider requests. Meetings are held in February, May, August, and November.
  4. You will receive a letter of notification after the board meeting regarding their decision.
  5. If the grant is approved, the grant recipient will purchase the items requested.
  6. Send paid bills/receipts to Wheeler Foundation by mail.
  7. The grant recipient will be reimbursed up to the approved grant amount off of the paid bills/receipts.

There is not a set dollar limit for grants.

You can apply as often as you wish.

Application for Funds

Wheeler Foundation Mission Statement: To provide financial support to institutions, private or public organizations to educate, train and support children and adults that are mentally and / or physically handicapped.

Facts to keep in mind: Wheeler Foundation will not fund routine operating needs, and will not fund any project on an ongoing basis. Wheeler Foundation will require follow-up reporting, to monitor the way in which any funds which it awards are utilized by the recipient. If the grant is approved, funding will be a reimbursement of paid invoices for the approved grant amount.

Required Documents: In addition to the information that is requested on the attached, the following documents should be submitted with any request for funds:

  1. A copy of Applicant’s current tax determination letter for the Internal Revenue Service (if Applicant is a private entity, rather than a government or other public entity that is supported directly by tax dollars).
  2. List of Applicant’s governing board members, and of any other persons who will be responsible for the use of the funds that are requested by Applicant.
  3. Budget for the project for which funding is requested.
  4. Financial statements and tax returns (if Applicant is required to file tax returns) for the previous two calendar or fiscal years.
  5. If Applicant is a school, a letter from the Superintendent of the school, indicating that the project has the support of the school district administration.

Mail Application and accompanying documents to:

Wheeler Foundation

PO Box 305

Rankin, IL 60960

Call: Bob Swires at 217-474-8981, if you have any questions.